The FX-Agency Advisor II
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Something in all honesty I believe to be the best forex system you can buy. I see no ea or indicator that beats this and I have been trading for years and tried just so many systems. I have this software and its amazing what it does. You pretty much just look at a single chart, and all the analyzing is done by the metatrader 4 software. It gives powerful signals for everything from currencies to stocks and everything else. Their staff is very professional with quick responses. And installation took seconds!

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This Logan creep is the guy selling the FX Agency EA. His posts are identical in all of the other forms. His replies are those of a seller, creepy replies.

"Even though their site says it can take up to 24 hours, some have got it in less than 15 minutes! It all depends how busy their staff is. but in most cases people get it in much less than 24 hours."

Creepy, how would this guy know how some got it in less than 15 minutes. You're trying a little too hard there, my friend. Of course you would know, because you're the seller! Duuuuhh!!

"Its been a while since fx-agency advisor 2 came out. Who knows maybe the next 6 months they might release the third. I would like to know how its like."

Wow, in 6 months, who knows, they might release the 3rd version. Now, how would you know that? But, of course, you are the seller, so that's why you know!

"Even Dream Signals 4 would be interesting. Surprisingly it sells more than the fx-agency advisor systems. Probably because of the price."

Now, how would you know that one software sells more than the other? Well of course, because you are the seller!

I have to admit, these are very unintelligent comments that reveal the identity of the poster.

I guess, if you have to pose as someone else in order to sell your own product, there must be issues, problems with the product.

If the seller were a stand-up guy, he would be posing as himself, and not as some user who claims great results with the product.

As always, and especially in this care, Buyer beware!

Comment by DusHed 05/06/2010 09:22:39 , Tag: fx-agecy
Hello,if this is the real deal then why is the seller using bogus links for customer service. Go to contact page and click on customer service , you get take on oanada. They are reporting it to there legal department

Comment by winford 09/06/2010 23:31:09 , Tag: fx-agecy
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