Online Trading Academy
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They have a bunch of so called students who can not get 5pips a day but are trying to teach people!!, I paid the full fee and have not hade one good trade from them. Once you pay them the fee, they will offer you all kinds of rubbish by saying “if you bring your friends”. There are very good site on the web that offer education of higher level for free!! Don’t waste your money and get scammed.  

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Forex Rebellion review. Better than the others

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I decided to write this review because it doesn\'t happen often that one can find something decent among many of the Forex scams out there.

I bought Forex Rebellion about two weeks ago and it is a complete package including ebook and about 20 video tutorials that were included more...

Online Trading Academy

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Instant Profits Today review - great trading course

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Product name: Instant Profits Today

Well, I am a sucker for books, CDs, and tutorials more... -Great place to learn to trade.

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I have been a student/member of this live classroom for over a year now.  I have achieved profitability, but choose to stay because I love the resources and friends I have made there, otherwise trading can be quite a solitary engagement.  They offer 15 hours per trading day of live trading/mentoring.  more...

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Thanks to you I didnt fall for Forex Automoney scam. Thanx a lot. Your site rocks!!!
-John, Chicago, Illinois
Your site helped me make up my mind when choosing a broker. Thanks a lot.
-Mathew, Washington D.C.
I was looking for a good Forex software when I found this site. I bought Fap Turbo under your recommendation and I have never looked back since then. I am averaging $200 now. Thank You.
-Michael, Berlin, Germany
I have been regulary coming back to your site since I first discovered it. There is no other site on the Net that I find more useful when it comes to choosing Forex product or service.
-Minda, Vilnus, Lithuania
I have been scammed several times before I found this site. Thank you for putting an effort and setting it all up.
-Pete, Sacramento, California
I've had an interest in forex for a long time but I was afraid to purchase any product because I had been scammed many time. Whenever a new product comes out I come back to forex scam buster to see its ratings. Thank you for your hard work.
-Elizabeth, Bialystok, Poland