Forex Godfather review. Its not worth your time
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Hi folks…


I wanted to share my experience with forex robots and all the stuff I bought from sites like Initially, I would fall for every marketing gimmick and claim because all these websites promise the world with seemingly great conviction, that it\'s sometimes hard to not believe them.

A lie repeated a hundred times just becomes the truth. I guess that\'s the marketing strategy most of these companies use. I almost bought every single popular and well-known product around. The truth of the matter is that I often lose more than I gained. What I bought from forex godfather was no different.

There would be periodic profits, but over any given stretch of time, I would have lost more than I gained. My losses would always exceed gains except in very few circumstances. Forexgodfather became a money-draining tool. There are dozens of other products out there, each performing to various degrees of effectiveness. But would I recommend forex godfather? I don\'t think I would.


I guess my mistake was that I bought the product on a friend\'s recommendation. And like most other product promoters, forexgodfather too has flashy stuff that they strut to convince people like you and I that you don\'t need any skill in forex trading and all you need to do is allow the software to lead you on autopilot. If that were indeed the case, I don\'t think anyone anywhere in the world would be doing anything else. We would all be millionaires if life were that simple.  

Forex godfather has some rather clever marketing lines and I really advice that people be wary before they buy an idea – let alone a product. The bottomline is, do your research and understand what forex trading is all about, without allowing a bot like forexgodfather have you believe it will make you rich. Take your time and buy smart.

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